Vertical axis rotation

A fundamental difference to the usual wind turbine generator systems lies in the placement of the blades. Envergate wind turbines function according to the vertical axis principle , where the blades rotate parallel to the vertical axis (H-Rotor).

This placement results in aerodynamic advantages. The power of the wind is distributed evenly over the entire surface of the blades. This results in a high yield wind harvest and above-average efficiency. The vertical axis rotation produces only minimal turbulence and runs almost silently.

An innovative technology completely in tune with the environment – proven by studies. Vertical rotating wind turbines are perceived positively and their looks are highly accepted by the general public. Thanks to low load values in production, the ecological balance is predominantly positive. Therefore, vertical axis turbines – when considered over the entire life balance – is almost burden free. They also have no adverse effect on wildlife and plant life.

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