Wind energy worldwide

An immeasurable power: in 2009, researchers from the University of Harvard calculated the global potential of wind energy. In numbers, it equals 1,800 terawatts. Somewhat abstract? We think so too. Therefore, here is a comparison: this amount describes no less than 100 times the current energy needs of the whole population of the world.

Small wind power plants on the advance

Especially small wind power plants (up to 100kW installed power), are gaining more and more significance. The autonomous and decentralized energy supply is finding more and more followers. Compared to large wind power plants, small wind power plants have no detriments at all for society. Large wind energy projects often fail because an appropriate location cannot be found where the landscape and ecology system will not be affected. Also the hesitation of the population towards large wind farms is increasing.

The market grows year by year

The installed capacity for small wind power plants has increased within the last ten years by an average of 35 percent. The umbrella organisation World Wind Energy Association (WWEA) assumes that this trend will continue until 2015 and afterwards the growth until 2020 will be around 20 percent. In 2011, there were 730,000 small wind power plants worldwide and the current numbers run at over a million!

You can find more about the worldwide use of wind power on the forum of the World Wind Energy Association:

Good to know

Wind Energy

The potential from wind power is theoretically many times higher than the power that the world requires.

Small wind power plants

Worldwide, the installed capacity of small wind power plants in the last ten years has grown by an average of 35 percent.

Vertical instead of horizontal

Vertical axis small wind power plants produce almost no turbulence, are nearly silent and create no disadvantages for the landscape and wildlife.

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