About Envergate

Envergate Energie AG develops, manufactures and sells wind turbines. Are you thinking about a classical rotor? Think vertically! Do wind turbines have to look like they usually do? They don't have to. There's a different way. More intelligent. We're convinced of it.

Our wind turbines guarantee high wind yield and above average efficiency. We research and further develop our innovative technology. Progress and growth - a dynamic process. We stay in motion. Like the wind that shows us the direction.

Clean. Lean. Intelligent.

Good to know

The inventor

It all started with him: Roman Bühler. Swiss champion in aerobatics, former member of the national team of hang-gliders, former member of the Red Bull Acroteam. Developer of the vertical wind turbine with pitch control. Competency with many years of experience and know-how.


Envergate was originally founded in 2009 by the Bühler brothers and incorporated in April 2014. Envergate Energy AG today is a majority owner-managed stock company and has its head office in Horn (TG) at the Lake of Constance, Switzerland.

Idea & future

Envergate Energy AG drives the innovative technology of its wind turbines forwards and is involved in the area of renewable energy. Within the next five years, Envergate Energy AG will develop into the market leading supplier of vertical axis, pitch controlled small wind power plants in the world.

Envergate Energy AG

Seestrasse 21

CH-9326 Horn TG



Tel +41 71 844 54 44



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